How the **bleep** do I find the support for Spotify??

How the **bleep** do I find the support for Spotify??

Spotify has taken money both for my Family account, a new one, AND for my old Premium!!! I refuse to pay double. Where can I find an adress to the support?? 

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Hi @MammaC and im sorry to hear that you've been charged extra for things you have not agreed to pay for it seems like.


I've linked the suport form you will have to go trough to solve your problems here: . Though I'm not competent enough to help you with this specific issue from here


Hope it gets solved and I'm glad to help again. greetings Viktor

Thanks a lot 🙂

I need to contact Spotify as well - I have had problems with Premium for Family for MONTHS. After filling in details on the page you have provided it says "chat will beginning shortly" - I have tried this MANY times with the same message each time. It is absolutely ridiculous that they cannot be contacted - surely there is at least an option to email them?? 

I'm sorry to hear you've got problems with that aswell, currently the only way to contact spotify directly is with the issue form I linked earlier to you. I wish i could help you more in some way but I can't take it further.


Kindest regards, Viktor

Hey @user-removed!


If you're being charged for both the Premium for Family plan and a regular subscription, make sure you don't have multiple Spotify accounts. You could've purchased the Family plan through a different account and still kept the old Premium one.


In this case, you can cancel the subscription you're not going to use following these steps. You can also close any secondary accounts you don't need.


For all the info on how to manage the Premium for Family plan, and how it works, you can read this FAQ.


@kazza1102, Could you let us know what exactly is going on with your Family plan? I'll do my best to help you out.



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