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Can't Change Country



Have just moved back to Australia from singapore and am trying to change payment details to an Australian credit card. When I do that I get prompted to change location to Australia, and when I do that I have to re-enter the card details, but every time I get a message that payment failed, and I have been very careful, the card details are correct. Any help much appreciated.

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Same issue for me as well. I moved from the UK to Germany permanently and I can't update my country or my payment method.


Any help please?



Hey @shiftyman & @_Vas_!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


Let's try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito window to update your payment details and country.


If you're still getting this error message, make sure the card you're using meets the requirements on the picture attached to this post. You may need to contact your bank to make sure it does.


Keep me posted.

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