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Hulu and Spotify not connecting with premium

Hulu and Spotify not connecting with premium

My hulu and premium spotify account are not connecting for the college student subscription right now. Every time after logging in through hulu via spotify to set it up, it tells me they are having trouble accessing my accounts when it comes to the payment part. This has done this for 3 weeks now and im tired of it. And the hulu customers service phone wait is over 30 minutes... ridiculous!!

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Hey @mgreen6706, welcome to the community!


Thanks for getting in touch with us, we'll gladly help you out.


If you already have the student discount set up, you just need to follow these steps to link your Hulu account to it:


  1. Log in to your Spotify Premium for Students account

  2. Go to your account page and under Account overview select Activate Hulu

  3. Complete the required fields to sign up for Hulu’s Limited Commercials plan

Fingers crossed this'll do the trick for you.



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Hi there,

There doesn't seem to be any fields to enter, after you click on the Continue button it just gives the "Required fields" error. I've attatched a screenshot of the screen before you get the error. Thanks for looking into this for us.


Hi, I had the same problem. I had hulu open in other window and I logged out of hulu there and then I tried it again and it worked. 

wow nevermind this time it let me enter my user information but then took me back to the same error "this field is required"

I am also having this problem, I just paid for spotify + Hulu for students and it wont let me create an account, it just keeps saying error this feild is required, need help contact us. Doesn't tell me what the error is or anything

The required fields error is happening to me also.  Please address this error!  It's impossible to actually create an account and/or use Hulu, despite having paid for the subscription!

I too am having the "missing required fields" issue. I'm biting the bullet and currently on hold with Hulu customer cupport now. Will report back on what I find out. I was planning on using my hulu subscription until it ran out and then reimplementing my spotify and hulu accounts together. This has become a huge headache. I don't believe this is on the part of spotify given their links take me to the proper places, but as a partnership I find it more than a little inconvenient to actually be prevented from watching my televesion on an account that my entire family uses because of an error in an ongoing promotion. Again, This is more than likely not on the part of spotify, but given that this is the internet I have to complain somewhere. 

For the people getting the required fields error, I also had this problem, but I got around it by opening an incognito window in Chrome and logging into Spotify again. From there, I was able to connect to my Hulu account. Hopefully this helps!

When I tried signing into my Hulu account to connect it to Spotify, a pop up appeared and said: 

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 3.38.09 AM.png

Then I tried signing in again, and another pop up showed up:

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 3.38.27 AM.png

I had connected my Spotify and Hulu account about a month back and everything was working fine. Just last week I tried logging into Hulu, but it wouldn't let me acces any content. It was as though I hadn't logged in, but my name still appeared on the screen, so I was signed in. 

For this month's payment, Spotify charged me with the full price, instead of the student discounted one (I'm assuming I forgot to reverify my student email id), so I'm guessing that might have something to do with it. Even so, why am I not being able to relink the two accounts? 

I have the same problem. I wasn't sure how to "renew" my Student Discount (They should really clarify that...) So I was switched to standard premium. I finially got it changed to student discount but now I still get the error. Its really bugging me because it already charged me for standard premium which is twice as expensive and now I don't even get to watch hulu.

So I managed to get this fixed. I contacted Hulu and they said that it's a Spotify issue. So I contacted Spotify, and they told me that because my student subscription had expired and I was charged with the regular fee, Hulu was discontinued. So they said that they would refund the last payment, and put me back on a free Spotify account. Then I had to sign up for Spotify Premium with the student discount again and link it to Hulu. It worked. 

Spotify. Where is the update. I do not see anyone being helped here. If I'm wrong please direct me to a viable answer. Please read my question in its entirety before posting a general response. We would like to receive our service as advertised.  This issue of Hulu login through Spotify student started personally three days ago. I have the receipt for my payment this month, this is not an expiration problem. The same error message is visible every time. If this is a Hulu problem please let me know. The lack of customer service options for both services is incredibly frustrating. I do not feel comfortable posting my account details to a public forum. 


I am having the same issue. Where is the help from Spotify (YES YOU) on this??? Especially since many people are coming to you having an issue with something that they are paying for. And please actually attempt to give a solution and not just some nonsense as usual. You said to contact and people are contacting, please do your job.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 01.12.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 01.12.03 PM.png

My hulu stopped working out of no where. My spotify is still premium but the hulu stopped. THIS IS A SHAM

I am having the exact same issue as this and am wondering why!

Hulu, where are you??? PLz help me. 


Having the same exact problem. They are completely unhelpful. Very disappointed in this service and expect a refund since I am not receiving what is advertised.

Spotify has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. 

I had started this Hulu plan when it came available but then found that I was not only booted off of my Hulu account, I was also charged for a normal premium account of $9.99. My Spotify account should have just stopped, not been charged an extra $5. I also should have been emailed or notified in some way that this change was made. I was not yet at one year to renew my student ID and I was not refunded for this mistake. I still cannot get my Hulu to work and ended up paying for something for no reason.

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