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I have had the Hulu Spotify subscription for over a year, 4/12/2018 activation date. Today, I had to unlink my Hulu account and recreate a new account, because someone had gained access to my account, and a device on my account that would not remove. Upon doing so, I was unaware that this type of subscription was no longer available. I contacted Spotify support to see if this issue could be remedied, and they told me I had to contact Hulu, which I did, and Hulu informed me that since Spotify was the 3rd party biller, only Spotify could correct it.  


My issue is that, this was an unforseen circumstance.  I did not unlink the subscription because I wanted to, I did so to protect my account from any further fraud.  The fact that Spotify was not helpful in resolving this issue is disappointing. 


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Sorry to hear that. 


What you could is create a new idea to make this available again:


If the idea will get a lot of votes it will be more likely it will be implemented.




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