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 Ok so my paypal account is maxed atm.. i cant pay for my premium, i was wondering if i could still have my premium until the second of sept "without" paying. (Basically paying but later)

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When your subscription is over and it’s time to renew, Spotify will attempt to charge your payment method for a few days if there isn’t money in the first time, so you won’t lose your subscription automatically.


If those few days are up, and there still isn’t money on the account, then your account will revert to free. When this happens, you can easily resubscribe when you have funds on your account by visiting your account


You can learn more about Premium here for more info 🙂 


I hope this helps!

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Didnt answer my question smh, im looking ofr a spotify employee

Hey @jonnnyy.


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As @Billy-J said, the system will try to process your payment every couple of days automatically. You should receive an email notification with the information of the payment failing to go through, and a date on when your account will go back to Free.


Right now, there's no way to guarantee it'll last until the 2nd Sept 2018. However, if your account does go back to Free, you won't lose a single song or playlist you've saved.


As an alternative, you could use a pre-paid card or an alternate payment method to pay for the next month of Premium.


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