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Lost Hulu


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I had to switch cards for my payments and I lost my Hulu subsciption. I'm not a student, and I got Premium back when they were offering a Google Mini with a Family Plan. Now Hulu and Spotify and seperate.

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This has been reported by several other users. If you change your credit card number, the Hulu promotion gets cancelled.

The response from the Rock Stars here in the community is:

"Spotify is looking into it. But they can't restore the Hulu promotion because it is no longer available. Keen an eye out for new promotions."

And that's ridiculous. The Hulu promotion can no longer be added. But it should not be taken away just because you change your card number. Anyone who is the victim of this corporate incompetence should use the dispute resolution process contained in the Terms & Conditions. It involves first sending a notice by certified mail to Spotify's office in New York, and then, when they don't respond, you can file an arbitration case. You don't need a lawyer. Anyone who wants help with this process can message me privately.

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