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Lost my premium

Lost my premium






Samsung Galaxy S10+

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I subscribed for 3 months last week to try the spotify premium  version and today I have encountered an issue where it is not allowing me to download playlist. A popup appears on my screen showing the message "You discovered a premium feature.Get premium now" and clicking it does nothing for me.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me.


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Hey @Rihan_,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. We're happy to help!


This is something we're aware of, it's currently being looked into by the right teams. Please check out this Ongoing Issue and add your vote (+VOTE). You will find updates there as well 🙂


Let us know if you need anything else! Have a nice day.

Hey Daisy,

 I have left a reply on the thread you linked me.Thank you for helping me.

Hope you have a better day. 

Hey Daisy,

I have reinstalled the application for a number of times after this thread was created and it seemed to have worked for me at last and I am able to download playlists again.

I thought I would let you know about this for future use.Again I appreciate you taking time to help me 



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