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None of my payment methods work

None of my payment methods work

I can't seem to get my visa debit or my PayPal account to go through. I've had a premium account for years now and its the first time it's given me trouble. I've checked the country matched all the accounts and made sure my paypal is set up. (bought something online using it a few weeks ago) I just don't know what wrong. I don't want to lose my premium subscription.
The error message I get is "Oops, seems your card or payment provider is having a bad day. Don't worry, no money has been charged. Try again or use another payment method"
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Hello @QBB!


Great to hear you have been a long time premium customer! I am sorry to hear you have come across some issues though.


Please could you try clearing your browser's cache, if that does not work. Try in a different browser.


Keep me posted!

Tried clearing my cache and trying a different browser but no dice.

Hello @QBB!


I would firstly like to apologise for the late reply. I have been away for a few days 🙂


Is this still an issue? If so, could you try in an incognito tab? If that does not work I recommend contacting Support about this issue, you can do this via Twitter (@SpotifyCares) or on the online contact form.




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