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Opening accounts in multiple countries

Opening accounts in multiple countries

Hi there, 


I'm currently working with a brand who wants to offer Spotify one month subscriptions as prizes. I'm aware that E-Cards can only be redeemed in the country where they were purchased though, and this is a global brand. 


I'm wondering if one company could open, for example, 10 accounts in multiple countries, even if their headquarters was in the US? And then use these individual country accounts to purchase E-Cards for people living there?



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Hey @alicebetty, welcome to the Community!


Spotify gift cards can only be redeemed on Spotify accounts registered in the same country where they were purchased. You can purchase them here: It'd be necessary for you to use a payment method from the country you'd like to use it in if you want to ensure users from different countries can redeem them.


Hope this helps! 

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