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Paid for Premium family but getting Free one

Paid for Premium family but getting Free one

Hi all,

I paid for Premium Family subscribtion last week after having cancelled couple of months ago for various reasons and since my new subscribtion i'm only getting Free Spotify...when i clicked on the app i was asked my to join Premium and that my payment didn't work which is not the case as after checking my bank and  paypal statement the payment went through. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Heeeeelp please!!!



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same for me, tried everything mentioned here within the communitiy, but is doesn`t work. Thanks for any Help!

Hi have just been chatting to one of the agents and my issue got solved. I unknowingly subscribed through my google email address and that confused things. Did you try logging out and then back in again? As I initially set up my Spotify account with Facebook that’s solved everything. I was also missing my playlists which the agent transferred in no time so now I’m up and running. Try getting in touch through contact form they chat live and solve things there and then. Good luck.

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