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Paying using Smart Prepaid

Paying using Smart Prepaid

So I tried once and it worked but I didnt have enough load... So I reloaded my smart prepaid and now everytime I try again it keeps saying "oops something went wrong, try again later". I have been trying since yesterday. Pls Reply
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Hey @Zetn, welcome to the Community!


Try paying using an incognito window to see if it helps. Also, make sure that you're following the exact steps shown here to sign up.


Be sure to let us know how it goes 🙂

Hi i tried using incognito but still, nothing happens and it keeps telling oops something went wrong pls try again or contact our support team. Is there any other way to resolve this? Thank you. 

I have the same problem too

I have the same problem unfortunately

I have the same problem, I hope that spotify can fix this problem.

im using Sun prepaid and i got the same problem when i reloaded with enough amount it wont push, says oopss

I have the same problem too

Any updates?


Unfortunately, Spotify doesn't care anymore.

I got the same issues.

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