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Payment problems

Payment problems

I have a problem with my premium account. I couldn't pay my account on time and today i paid it but my premium account isnt working. Now i want to know how it isnt working and did i send my money to the right bank account?
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Hello @Kevin971,


Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Spotify subscription. 


First of all, lets check your account, make sure it is the correct account.


Please can you go to your account overview ( Then click on 'Receipts'. What do you see there?


If you can let me know, I will be able to further assist you 🙂

I am having a similar problem.  I have tried to pay my account with three separate credit cards (all active and in good standing) but none of the payments went through.  Can you please help? 

Hi. Spotify would't like my money, too. I tried several times to pay with paypal. I come to the paypal page and click pay. After this, I come to I still have the free-account and at paypal nothing is paid.

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