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Playing Family Premium on multiple devices

Playing Family Premium on multiple devices

Reading through posts I'm not the only one suffering from this problem and having recently set up a Family Premium account after leaving Deezer I'm becoming increasingly frustrated.

We've now got four accounts set up on the Family Premium, two as adults and two for our kids (I've had to use three separate email addresses for myself to get the kids set up, albeit they're all linked to my phone).  


We've got two Sonos speakers and two Amazon Dot Echo's in the kids bedrooms which are the devices we play on in the house.   At the moment the only time we can stream simultaneously is when both me and my partner are playing Spotify on our respective phones.   If we try to play on our phone and Sonos at the same time it only plays on one, on our phone and one Alexa it only plays on one, or both Alexas it only plays on one and Sonos and Alexa, it only plays on one


I can't imagine we're the only one having this problem.   How can we get Spotify to play on multiple devices.   The Family Premium is supposed to allow for up to six accounts!  


The solutions I've read seem quite complicated or maybe that's just me!  Is there a simple solution to this?


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Hey @mhawks, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I am sorry to hear about this. It sounds like you have these devices set up under one account. While it is okay to create an account for different devices (the same Spotify account is used for both the phone and Sonos), you still cannot listen to music simultaneously on both accounts. The purpose of the Premium Family plan is so other members have access to their own account with their own content, under one discounted plan. 


So, a workaround for this, is to create a separate Spotify account for any device you would like to play simultaneously and then link to the Family plan to enjoy those Premium benefits.


Hope this clears things up! Have a great day. 

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i have the exact same issue as OP and it's maddening. spotify family has NEVER worked as it's described. we have a premium family plan with 3 SEPARATE accounts under it. My account, my wife's account, and a kid's account, and all three of these accounts existed on their own before we grouped them under the family plan. 


i was in the zone working away listening to a playlist on my computer, when my kid started playing a song on their Echo dot, which completely took over my spotify on my computer (and vice versa).


additionally, my recommendations are (and have always been) completely ruined by my kid's listening since getting the family plan. it's never been true that the accounts grouped under a family account are separate. 


again, the three accounts under my family plan are separate accounts and existed before we got the family plan. 


the answer to this issue can't be "just create more accounts"

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