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Premium Duo interrupts playback?

Premium Duo interrupts playback?

I may have misread the product, but isn't the idea to be able to play seperate music, provided that you share the same physical homeadress?


I recently updated to Premium Duo assuming I could share it with my girlfriend. But everything she plays music, my account pauses - just like if you were logged into the same account.


Thanks in advance!


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Hey @KristianNorre,


Welcome to the Community!


The premium Duo is for two different Premium accounts. The reason why when she's playing a song your is paused is probably that you're sharing the same account.


Please, make sure you both are logged into your individual accounts and then you'll be able to play music without interrupting each other.


If you're having trouble to find your account you can check out this article.


Let me know how it goes 🙂


Hi @brunelicia,


Thank you so much for you response.


We already have 2 seperate accounts. She has had her own subscription for a while - same as me, and all I've done is to invite her to Premium Duo. We've never shared account-logins, so she's only logged into her own user.


So unless Premium Duo automatically signs her into my account, that isn't the issue.

Please try both to log out entirely from the app until you see the login screen. Also, log out from the web-browser.
If your accounts were created through Facebook I recommend you to also log out from Facebook on your devices.

Then, try to log in again, go to the Account Settings after logging in to make sure you both are logged in a different account.

Hope this helps.

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