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Premium code doesn't work

Premium code doesn't work

I bought a €10 card for premium but the code just doesn't wanna work.

It keeps saying it's not available and to try again later.

Before this I had a discount premium though, don't know if that could be the issue.

the €10 for 3 months deal.


I didn't buy this card in another country so this shouldn't be the problem. I checked my location settings.


Please help me out 😞

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Same here, I bought a 10$ Gift card from 1 month premium for spotify.

But when inputing the code on the card it replied as a valid card...

Did I already use the card? Or did the money go somewhere else??


Hey @MaJessTicc,


Still having trouble with this? If so, and you have a Premium code, open the following page in an incognito window and redeem it: As long as you have other subscription types such as Premium for Family or the Student Discount, it should work fine. Keep in mind that on a physical card, the pin code can be found in the back of the card. 


If that doesn't work, please go through this help article. You'll find all the help you need there.


@Yeager2 you can check the status of your Premium subscription, along with receipts, on your account page.


Let us know how it goes.






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