Premium on App isn’t working


Premium on App isn’t working

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iPhone 8 Plus

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iOS 12.1.2


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 Hello, after an update of the Spotify App I cannot use Premium. However, the Premium plan is working on my PS4. I tried logging in and out of the app, aswell as reinstalling it - but it still won’t work properly. How to proceed? Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Premium on App isn’t working

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Hey there @arkata763!



Adding this help guide on possible reasons and steps on why your account isn't working properly.

Please follow all steps and let me know how you did.


Waiting on your updat=)

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Re: Premium on App isn’t working

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Hello there and thank you for answering.

Unfortunately, I tried all the steps already - tried logging out and back in, and checked my subscription status - it says free, although it shouldn’t. As I said - the Premium subscription works fine on my PS4 - it’s the phone app that is not working after the update.