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Premium on PS4 don't work on phone

Premium on PS4 don't work on phone

I pay'd for premium on my playstation 4 but when i log into my phone it's still the free version. Tried to log out and then in again but it did'nt work. Any idea's about my problem?

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Are you positive you’re paying for premium?  The Change should take place immediately. The PS4 version of Spotify allows you to do things that a premium membership on a mobile device would often allow you to do such as, Skip songs, Pick whatever song you’d like, so it may still be free.  Do you still hear ads playing?

Yes, I'm positive. I signed up for premium, checked my bank acount and the money was transfered. Still don't work on my phone. Still get the ads and can't choose song.
Gonna log into my ps4 tomarrow and see if it works there...

Did you see a difference?

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