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Premium payment

Premium payment

What will happen if i paid to have a spotify premium but still in 7 days free trial?

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welcome to the Spotify Community! I'm happy to assist you!

You do not need to cancel your trial, it does automatically after seven days. Then your payed premium subscription will begin.

HI, my Premium Student account is being canceled by you guys. How can I prove that I am still a student so that can keep my Student Premium Account? It says it's going to cancel(change to Spotify Premium) at 4/29/18.


Thank You,

Edielmarie Santiago

What will happen to my downloaded album and playlist and such stuffs?


If you subscribe, before the trial ends, you do not need to download them again.

How can i pay now? 


It looks like you already registered your credit card on Spotify, so you won't need to do anything.


If not, do here:

This is what shows up in the 3 payment options


Did Spotify already ask you for payment details, before startung the trial?

If so, you won't need to do anything.


Else, because you are on trial your not eligible anymore and need to click on "See more offers" on the page on your screenshot.

What if i'll wait until my free trial ends then after that i'll pay my premium subscription? What do you think?

Spotify would erase your downloads and you would need to downlaod them again.

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