Premium trial, not free


Premium trial, not free



I have been trying for some time now to activate the premium trial but nothing.
It seems spotify cannot approve either my credit card or my paypal. 
I have been using these 2 since forever for online purchances and I don't get why it's so hard to do so here. 

My credit card does have a couple of euros in in case spotify needs to do some micro-charge to verify it. Does it need more? (though I don't understand the need of such thing with paypal). This is the first time I m using the service so I have not had any trial activated before and the countries match too.

To make matters worse, creating this topic here was also an adventure of it's own since my facebook-created spotify account had the email/gender fields left blank and unable to interract with so I was unable to post here or ask for support so I had to create a new account from scratch. 

Come on spotify, I want to give you my money, why are you making it so hard...

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Hello @Ionian93,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


I have escalated this topic, a Spotify moderator will soon help you sort this out!




Hello @Ionian93 ,


Can you try opening the

upgrade page in an incognito window, or on another device? This is to see if there's some cookie-related issues. 


Also, I suggest you check out this help article for further assistance:


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