Problema con tarjeta de regalo


Problema con tarjeta de regalo


Hola espero puedan ayudarme ayer compre una tarjeta de regalo de 300 pesos al llegar a casa la active, todo bien hasta ese punto pero hoy al ingresar a spotify me dice que mi suscripción a premium esta en pausa que actualize mis datos de pago que puedo hacer ??

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Hey @Roberto38, welcome to the community!


Right now, the community is supported in English, so I hope you don't mind me replying like this 🙂


Sometimes when you have a recurring plan and you add a gift card, the system might try to process the next payment as usual. In this case, you just have to cancel the automated subscriptio and the pause should be removed right away.


Don't worry, you'll continue using the Premium on the gift card you added, so the account won't go back to Free.


Let me know how it goes. 

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