Problems with premium for students


Problems with premium for students


I registered to get premium for students but didn't get anything. The first thing Spotify asks for is your card number. Once you type it in, you have to verify you're a student and supposedly the charge won't be made until the verification is done, but they charged me right away and now that the verification is complete it won't activate premium and instead asks for my card number again. I only had enough money for this the first time I entered it so now that I've been charged and no longer have money on my account, it won't let me put in the information, which means I'm gonna get double charged even if it all were to go well. And then it turns out that this piece**bleep** application that is making money hands over fists doesn't even have a real customer support page, but instead has a "community". I hope this "community" can actually help me out instead of just redirecting me to a FAQ that doesn't help with anything. I would appreciate it if someone were to tell me how to contact an actual employee to get this fixed.

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Hey @Lestat9812


Can you check your bank / card activity and see if the first payment got removed? Usually no matter how many times it shows up on your payment, only one payment is supposed to make it through processing.