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Setting up family subscription

Setting up family subscription

My son currently has a premium subscription.  I would like to set up a family subscription and have him join that.   Does my son have to cancel his plan, or will it automatically be canceled once he switches to the family plan.   I don't want him to be getting charged for his premium plan if he is not using it and is on the family plan.   As well, if I were to cancel the family plan at any time, would his account automatically revert back to his premium plan, or would he have to resubscribe to the premium plan?


Any help would be greatly appreciated before I sign up and to make the transition for my son's account that much easier.   

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If your son is using a bank account to automatically renew his subscription, he will first need to log into and cancel his plan. Once canceled, you won't have to wait to set up the family plan.


If he is using a gift card for premium, the number of days he has left will be saved until the family plan is canceled. Only the admin can add/remove members to the plan.


When you set up a family plan, it will ask for emails of the people you send an invite. They will have to enter your address once they redeem membership of the family plan.

Once you cancel, the admin will have premium until the last day. All the other members will revert to premium or use up any gift card days they originally had left. They will have to re-subscribe to their own plans othewise.

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