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Spotify email student

Spotify email student

Hi! I am trying to get an internship for spotify and I do have one question for them before I know if I can do it this year (for next summer) or if I have to do it next year instead for summer 2023. (I fell for them as an employeer last year when I studied managerial accounting). 


I have read the info on their webpage, listened to an live info session, their podcast about it on spotify, read their social responsiblity reports for 2019 and 2020 and had an zoom meeting with an current employee and old alumni from my university. 


During that info session, they told us to not reach out to employees of spotify ourselves since they get flooded by messages each year before application time is due, and that we should contact a specific e-mail for students that want to be interns. I no longer have the name of that mail and I can not find it when I search the webpage (All I get is student discount etc) So, Do anyone of you know what email I mean? 


I can also add my question that I have to them here. They were very clear in the info session that they only take applications from juniors and seniors into account. We do not use that system in Sweden so I have no idea what I account as and when I can apply. I am studying my second year of international business out of 4. Do I qualify as an junior? Or is junior the 3rd year and senior the 4th year? I have asked our study advisor that didn´t know either. How is it usually with interns from Sweden since we do not use that system?


Thank you! 🙂 

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Hey @Elinsstrom ,


Thanks for reaching out.


I'd recommend checking out this page. Internship applications for next year should open around mid-November. You'll find all the necessary info on the website 🙂


Hope this helps! 🙂

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