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Spotify student problem!

Spotify student problem!

Hello! I have a problem with the spotify premium student!

I verify myself with the option “login on the university website” I did it and I saw a blank page with the message “verification was already completed” and the Nothing happened!! So I decided to text sheerid via email and they told me I have to upload documents, but they gave us two option to prove the student status: 1) enter on the university website 2) upload documents and I chose the first one, why should I upload my documents, someone can help me please? 

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Hi, I had the options to upload documents too, but I chose to log in via my university. I used my student email and it’s been fine each time I’ve verified.


What does it say when you look at your account? Hopefully because it’s states ‘already verified’ you now have your student account? 

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