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Spotify unable to identify the country i am located

Spotify unable to identify the country i am located

Country: Ireland

Device: Macbook Pro


My Issue: My location when i firstly subscribed was Greece and the program i chose was the premium. Recently, i moved to Ireland and I wanted to subscribe for premium duo (which was not available in Greece). Therefore, I followed the necessary steps to change my country: I canceled my premium subscription and returned to Spotify free, I changed my country at the bottom right of the website and then tried to change the country at My profile. The only options i has were either Greece or the UK. I don't know why the UK appeared in my options.


Does anyone have any idea why did that happen? Can anyone help me change my country to Ireland so I can purchase the premium duo?


Thanks a lot in advance.


Kind regards,





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Hey there @mariahmoul

thanks for posting in the community !


In order to be able to change your country to Irland you have to take under consideration that the payment method should fit the country you're in.


Meaning, in order to have a full functioning Iralnd based account your should create an account, provide an Irish payment method and then you'll be able to choose it.


I'm adding these two help pages for you to equire the necassery info:

- Country Settings

- Payment Troubleshooting


Let me know if you have any further questions 😃



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