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Subscription in Iraq

Subscription in Iraq

Hi everyone, I am Iraqi music enthusiast and I appreciate Spotify team for supporting Iraq, finally we are able to use Spotify services here.


However, we have one issue which is payment methods, most of us don’t use Visa or Mastercard, and our most popular payment service is mobile payment such as (ZainCash).

Hopefully, one day we can subscribe with ZainCash.

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Hi @Serix,

thanks for reaching to the Spotify Community !


I can confirm that at the moment paying by credit/debit card is the only payment option available for Iraq as of course Spotify was just launched in your country.

Unfortunately I currently have no information on your suggested payment method however i recommend following Spotify's newsroom website here for further updates.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

Hi, Serix! Has your problem been solved? Can you make payments now on Spotify or in any other subscription-based app?

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