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Hello everyone, i have a little problem, so, i bought like 2 months ago, premium for 9.99euro

how ever i thought it will pay from my bankaccount automaticly, it did however in the period when i had actually nothing on my bankaccount, on my page of spotify it says, premium but, i see i missed a payment on 28 semtember, is there any possibility to  charge me 9,99euro x2 on 28 ocotber? like guys i enjoy spotify alot, but **bleep**, im mostly getting paid cash, and  on 26 october i'll have money on my bankaccount,  i use alot spotify, and music is my power, so i don't want to end it, stupid fault by me... regrads Nikodem 

i hope everything is clear, and can be understand, im not really alot into English language 

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Hey @Nikodemxnba.


Thanks for getting in touch!


If you miss a payment, we'll try to charge you on a later date. So it's possible that you got charged later than you should've, which resulted in two transactions within one month. This is because the following charge will occur on the regular day again.


If you got charged by us and you are not sure why, take a look at this page.


That should help you 🙂 Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!



well i belive you didnt even read my quetion, but let me make it short, so i get paid every month 26-28, so what happend is spotify charged me on 2th of october while i had no $ on my bank account which means i didnt paid, so i asked if there is possibility to keep my premium and charge me just 2 times at 26 of october.... however i saw today that i don't have premium anymore .... 


Hey @Nikodemxnba.


Thanks for your question.


Unfortunately, it is not possible for Spotify to postpone taking the payment til the following month.


If you are unable to make the payment on the payment date, Spotify will make several more attempts to take the payment over the next few days, however it won't do this indefinitely, and you might find your account is suspended after a while.


In any case, we recommend that you get in touch with our Customer Support team here. They will be able to take a look backstage and help you out better 🙂


Hope that helps!

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