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Unable to update payment information

Unable to update payment information

I cancelled the credit card I used to pay for my premium and logged into my account to update the payment information. For some reason spotify still thinks I am a student and will not let me update my payment information without having to confirm that I am a student, which i am not anymore. So every time I go in to change my information it denies me and won't let me select the option to do the $10/month for premium and update my card information like I used to. It seems like there is a problem with the system. I am thinking about stopping my payment all together and going to iTunes as trying to figure out how to pay for spotify is becoming more trouble than it is worth.

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Same here. I got a new debit card. Spotify site is not letting me update my card. I've tried from phone and laptop. It's a glitch I think. Can't figure out how to contact anyone to fix it. I may just switch to itunes.

must be a glitch.  i'm trying to switch from card to PayPal.  

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