Upgrade from Premium to Duo

Upgrade from Premium to Duo








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My wife and I currently share a single Premium account, meaning we are both logged in to the same account on both of our phones.  However, there are times when we want to listen to different music at the same time (I'm at work, she's at home).  This is where I think the Premium Duo account may be helpful for us, but if we get the Duo account, it appears to me like it would require us to get one brand new account that would not have all of the playlists for that new account.

I guess we could make all playlists on the existing account collaborative and share them among the two of us, and also make any new playlist collaborative, but that is extra an extra step every time we create a new playlist that I would like to avoid if possible.  Plus, I'm guessing that by being logged into different accounts, you then lose the ability to "control" the music from both devices like we can do now.  What I'm really after is the ability to play different music on 2 devices if desired, but also be able to control the same content from both devices.


Are collaborative playlists with the Duo account my best option here?

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Hey @rgcampb1 ,


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Yeah, you're right - collaborative playlists are likely the best option in this case 🙂


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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