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Upgraded to family from premium

Upgraded to family from premium

I upgraded to family from premium yesterday. Does it go into effect immediately? It says my subscription will renew on 8/29 or does it wait until then?


I can send my family invites but they don't seem to hook them up.


any tips?

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Hey @mathfam96! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


When you upgrade your subscription from regular Premium to Premium for Family, any remaining time that you've already paid for will be converted into a Premium for Family subscription, so this can bring your next payment date forward. You can review your renewal date on the subscription page.


They don't get the invitation e-mails?



They receive the emails. However, when they click the link and log in nothing seems to change.


Do we need to set up separate accounts?


On the app when I look at my account the subscription still says premium, should that be different?





It's correct that your app says that you've got Spotify Premium.

But is your account page saying that you've got it?

And you your family members can keep their accounts. ^^

Keep in mind that you'll need to fill the same address in the confirmation process.


Be sure to check the Spotify Family (Q&A) out for more details about it. ^^



The account page does say family premium.


We only had one account before. They didn't have their own. So do they need to create their own now under the "family" umbrella?





Yes, they will need to create their own accounts.

After clicking on the email linn they will be led to create a Free level account. After doing so, they need to click ACCEPT INVITATION again on the email and the “Redeem token” web page will open in their your browser with a long redeem token number pre-filled in Token.  They need to click on REDEEM after that


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^


Thank you!!


We will try that 🙂



You're welcome! ^^



OK, that worked great.


Now is there a way for my daughter to get her playlist that she created on my account or does she have to recreate it?



There are two ways:

  1. She can recreate her playlist manually.
  2. She can follow her old playlist and you need change it to an collaborative playlist so she can edit it.

Let me know of that helps, thanks! 


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