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Upgrading Spotify account with Vodafone confusion?

Upgrading Spotify account with Vodafone confusion?






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sorry this is super long. Basically I have had a Spotify premium account for 3+ years and had a student premium account for £5 a month too but it has now expired. My mobile phone contract has offered me 12 months subscription to Spotify which I want to take however I don’t want to start a new Spotify account as it’s built up over time. Is there a way to get the 12 month subscription with my phone contract and still keep my current account and if so how do I do this? 


If not I will choose a different membership with another subscriptions service instead! 


Thank you 






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Hey there @RebeccaSharp13,

thanks for posting in the community !


When you get Premium through a mobile provider, you should be able to apply this Premium time on an existing account.

Note: The account has to be a free subscription


Alternatively, You can store all your music in public playlists, then visit your old account with the new account and grab all the music from there.


Hope this helps 😃



  • So does this mean when the account goes to free it loses all the playlists, downloads that have been amassed over time if you don't make them public? ?



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