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What if I already have Hulu?

What if I already have Hulu?



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I believe others have this same issue. I have(had) a premium account. I would love to take advantage of the Hulu offer but my current Hulu account (had many years) is associated with another email address. Is there a way to Keep the history of both my accounts by:


       A) Associate the 2 email accounts (My Spotify email and my Hulu email?)

       B) Add Spotify to my existing Hulu account?

       C) Use the Hulu email address but transfer all of my Spotify history to that email?


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Hey @GSoul thanks for reaching out of the community,


There are a couple of things you can do, I would cancel your current hulu payment access and change the email, then try to use your spotify promotion and the email linked to your Spotify Account.


Let me know what you do,


Jack 🙂

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