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Wrong Billing Date

Wrong Billing Date

I started my Premium Family subscription (as the owner) at the beginning of this month (March 1st). Then I found out that the monthly billing date is at 7th, which is not even close to the date I first subscribed.


After the billing date this month it turned that I still subscribed for Premium Family without any re-charge, but all of my family member is removed from my list. Thus I have to re-invite them, and I don't think it's convenient to do every month. Any idea how to fix the billing date? Or how my family list not to be reset?

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Hey @rodik,


Glad to have you on the Community 🙂


No worries! You can change your billing date anytime. Just check out this page and go through the steps. You don't have to add your family members again every month.


Let us know how you get on and have a lovely day!

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