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Wrong account on subscribe spotify family

Wrong account on subscribe spotify family







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I found an issue or bug while invite my family to join my spotify family. When I sent invitation to join to his email. Then, he opened and confirm invitation email and then browser automatically.  But on his browser, he already logged in with another his account. There's something wrong with account validation.


Example : 

I invite my family to: first_email

He confirm invitation on his email, which is on first_email. After press confirm button on his email, bowser opened. On his browser, he already logged in on second_email, and then second_email got invitation form spotify family, and got access to spotify family. 

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Hey @gustafpahlevi, help's here.


It sounds like you invited the wrong account to your Premium for Family plan. This can happen if that account was already logged in at when the invitation was accepted. 


What you can do is to send another invitation to the email address, and make sure that the family member who's accepting logs out from before accepting it. They'll be prompted to enter the username and password of the account that will join. 


Feel free to remove the wrong account from your account page 🙂


Hope that helps!


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