Yearly subscription

Yearly subscription


I am interested in getting the yearly subscription but if I get the yearly subscription do I lose out on my 30 day free trial.

Am I able to play spot if I in my 2015 Toyota Camry?

I have an Amazon device and how what I link spot if I to my Amazon echo device?

If I play spotify on my phone and my using data?


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1. If you're already on the trial, no you won't lose your remaining Premium time. 

2. For playing in your car, you can check here:

3. Linking Spotify with Alexa: You need to make Spotify the default music player.

4. Yes, it does use your mobile data if you're not connected to WiFi when streaming. You can download songs for offline listening though. It won't use your mobile data if you're listening to your downloaded songs in Offline Mode. More info here:

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