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premium redownload

premium redownload

I was on spotify about a week ago, when a red bar across the top screen showed up and said something about doing something with my premium subscription or I would lose it. It is now February 2018, and I have had premium since August of 2017. I kind of ignored the notification, I'm 14 and I figured I would have my parents help me fix in it a couple days or so. I put it off too long apparently, and suddenly last night my premium subscription was gone. I tried to get it back all of last night, I put in my parents credit card information and everything, and it said it couldn't reinstall my subscription because there was a problem. I even made a whole new spotify account and the same problem occurred. I'm not sure of what to do, and it's kind of hard to downgrade to regular spotify when you've had premium for nearly a year. Can anybody help?

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Hey @emmagc04!


Sorry to hear you are having issues with activating Premium!


Please, could you try in a different browser or try clearing your current browsers cache?


If the issue occurs still there could be something wrong with the card and I recommend that your parents contact the card issuer.



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