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You should let me test HiFi and here's why:


You should let me test HiFi and here's why:



 If you're still testing HiFi with select few, give me that options for the following reason: I am a Tidal HiFi subscriber but apparently Huawei P20 Pro (which is not officially supported in the US) has this bug where we can't play audio in HiFi quality, but can do so if we first download them. The problem is universal for all P20 Pro (according to Google App Store reviews filtered by device). Tidal hasn't at all responded to this, but it is very possible that the problem is not unique to this phone but something more general -- and you want to find out if you ever plan to release HiFi.

Clearly, I am looking for alternative, and I thought if you are testing HiFi perhaps we can help each other out by you allowing me to test (and pay for) it? =D


P/S: United States

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Re: You should let me test HiFi and here's why:

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Hey @Taaroo,


I'd recommend adding your support to the following idea to let Spotify know that you're interested in this feature:


Right now, it's not available though.

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Re: You should let me test HiFi and here's why:

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Spotify Hifi is not available now. There will be an announcement on the news page if they are going to release it. 


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Re: You should let me test HiFi and here's why:

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It all depends on what kind of Bluetooth headphone you got

none of your thoughts related to the streaming service.

Fyi, p20 Bluetooth earphone is regular quality if you are trying to utilize with it.

and Tidal is not hi-fi, it is just CD quality.