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cannot use my Visa card


cannot use my Visa card

Hallo, i am currently a subscriber to Spotify family plan.

Problem is that recently i received a visa from that comes with a monthly compensation as soon as i pay Spotify with their card.

The problem is the (well known) card doesn't match the country setting.

My account is based in Greece and the card I'm trying to use is UK based. So if i switch to UK which is the country of card issue the card will probably work.

Of course i mentioned that to but i must admit that as soon as they provide me a card that works everywhere else, they provide a fine service, and i don't think that they have to issue a country specific card for every user they have.

May i ask why Spotify keeps accepting only cards that are issued locally? The obvious answer is to prevent users of switching countries to their favour, BUT they accept PayPal where you can add almost every card independent of the issuing country.

As i mentioned i live in Greece and currently paying via PayPal, using a Lithuanian MasterCard 🙂 (but cannot use

Nowadays everyone can get a Visa or MasterCard from another country, like the well known revolut or N26.

So is there a solution coming soon or will spotify continue to use this outdated identification system? Maybe it's time for a policy change?

Because right now i must change the account to UK, where i must pay almost double for no reason, and if i do so, there will be probably an issue with our Greek address for all the members 🙂

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Do you have money on your card?
I got it working when I topped up my card with money.

Hi A_Leuts,
Yes, Paypal works for me. Unfortunately, Paypal uses very bad conversion rates. Yesterday, for example, CHF 16.95 was converted into EUR 17.13 (1 EUR = 0.9895 CHF).
But the refund in CRO works like this.

Yeah. More than enough to cover a year. Anyway do manual claim for me now

So how much money should we top up in order to work?


Why not make it possible to pay a "higher" price to use the service from a different card? This would help everyone in Switzerland using the card which continues to grow in popularity. The Swiss price is the most expensive so no1 could save money in this regard anyways, but we could at least get our $ back from as per the card agreement. WIN WIN! 

Strangely, cashback when paying via PP worked twice for me, but not the last month. My CDC card get's accepted only when I set the country to Germany, so I guess I'll pay 2 EUR extra for the fam account as that one costs 15 EUR in Germany and the CDC refund is capped at ~14 EUR.

Unless I try with Curve before, as I have that one as well.

As for the PP conversion rates, you can always turn those off for every card and have them pass on the conversion to your bank (CDC).

Are you a bot  Alex? Its not working with visa, I have the same issue, the international payment is activated, I tried with different countries and nothing works.


PS: Stop repeating the same phrase again and again it's  annoying

I linked my cdc card on paypal to pay for spotify since February and I got the rebate every month normally. But not for May. I only got the cashback. I'm trying to contact cdc support to address the issue but I'm not  through. Guess I'll wait for the next payment to see if it goes through, if not, I'll just cancel my subscription. I rarely used Spotify anyway...! 

That's precisely what happened to me.

Btw, when I asked CDC support for advice if payment through Paypal would be eligible for a rebate they adamantly told me that it would not be. Of course, I tried and it worked for several months, until May.

Now, with CDC lowering their cashback rates, I switched to Plutus and they officially state they DO support rebates even through Paypal, and they do offer higher cashback (3% and up), so I'll stick with them for now. With the link above both parties get $10 in PLU, so should be a win-win.

I'm living in Switzerland and I've a CDC card starting with 43** that is not accepted by Spotify.
It's a very stupid thing that two companies that do business together do not make it possible to use the offers to their customers.
I'm really disappointed.

I have the same problem, there still doesn't seem to be a solution. So I have to change the country to UK, still living in Switzerland, that the card works?!?


Same problem... Its been years, Spotify support doesn't care at all at best... Tried to talk to them repeatedly, not willing to help... Starting to think that the cro promotion is a trap from Spotify... 

I can't believe spotify is so bad at this, I had premium for at least 3 months - They was taking money (at least once) and now they not allow me. Problem - I want to pay European price while I'm in Brazil - stupid no? I pay you more!!!! And you dont take, this is ridiculous, Like I they tell me how many days I can be abroad, are you nuts? Shitties experience ever. So now what I need to pay Brazilian subscription and after I come back you will fine me? This makes me mad sooo mad it's beyond frustration possible like what the **bleep**, I already used this service for months and one day you woke up.. Digital **bleep**.

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