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cannot use my Visa card


cannot use my Visa card

Hallo, i am currently a subscriber to Spotify family plan.

Problem is that recently i received a visa from that comes with a monthly compensation as soon as i pay Spotify with their card.

The problem is the (well known) card doesn't match the country setting.

My account is based in Greece and the card I'm trying to use is UK based. So if i switch to UK which is the country of card issue the card will probably work.

Of course i mentioned that to but i must admit that as soon as they provide me a card that works everywhere else, they provide a fine service, and i don't think that they have to issue a country specific card for every user they have.

May i ask why Spotify keeps accepting only cards that are issued locally? The obvious answer is to prevent users of switching countries to their favour, BUT they accept PayPal where you can add almost every card independent of the issuing country.

As i mentioned i live in Greece and currently paying via PayPal, using a Lithuanian MasterCard 🙂 (but cannot use

Nowadays everyone can get a Visa or MasterCard from another country, like the well known revolut or N26.

So is there a solution coming soon or will spotify continue to use this outdated identification system? Maybe it's time for a policy change?

Because right now i must change the account to UK, where i must pay almost double for no reason, and if i do so, there will be probably an issue with our Greek address for all the members 🙂

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Hello all!

I had similar issue with my Spotify payment. Be aware of card details as they will change (expiry and cvv) after card activation. I modified them on Spotify and it worked for me.

I am based in the UK. I have a UK VISA card. You are blocking payments.




Please explain.

Hi @Greekscreamer,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


This is not a standard payment method we support, you should reach out to the payment provider for any help with issues. 


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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@Greekscreamer have you found a solution to your problem ?


Thanx in advance!

Thanks for sharing this info. I will wait for my physical card as then virtual card does not work with spotify. (dutch account) Grz Robbert

Bedankt Luuk, hoop dat ik het nu ook aan de praat krijg maar ik krijg nog steeds bij het invullen van de kaart gegevens dat het land niet matched.

This is the answer I get from Spotify: Je Spotify Premium Family account is in Nederland geregistreerd. Dat betekent dat je een betaalmethode moet gebruiken dat in Nederland is uitgegeven. Als je betaalkaartje in Litouwen is uitgegeven, dan kan je deze betaalkaart niet gebruiken.



Yes I’m having the same Issue

Time for an update from my side.


Today I tried again to register my CDC card with Spotify as a payment method. But it is still rejected.

After my last post on 14 December, I registered the CDC card with PayPal and entered PayPal as a payment method in Spotify. This works fine, including the refund in CRO.


I am still very disappointed in Spotify for not accepting the CDC card. As soon as the refund stops working, I'm off Spotify. There are plenty of alternatives.

Same here, just gotten my visa card. Spotify does not accept it but others online store does. Kinda....

Today, I received my physical CDC Visa card. I tried to update my payment method on Spotify, but also the physical is rejected by Spotify.

Order a free Curve card and add your VISA to it. Then pay spotify withe the Curve card. That worked for me.

And for me!

I do not know what is wrong with Spotify. Do they really want my money? Because if I cannot choose the bank I want to work with in order to pay a spotify membership, there is a problem. Thus, I will not apply to an other bank but to another music streaming provider.

Potentially, Spotify is losing millions and millions of revenues by implementing such a bad policy. People who are living in Brussels, the capital of Europe, do not want to change their bank account in order to pay a spotify membership, they want to pay with their visa or any other card independently of where the card was issued.

Spotify can reach me out when they have fixed the problem. 

Try to Top Up money on the card.

I had the same issue, but there is no error on Crypto App besause lack of balance. On my attempt I had a US$1,8 "verification".

So, you may have the same issue.


I had the same pb with my card, and I finally found the option « International mode » in my apps, and activated it… That works, now!

I finally got it working
- Enable international use from app card settings
- Top up your card with money.
- In SPOTIFY Add crypto com card as a payment method.

I have physical card. I Cold not get the payment working, but when I topped up my Crypto card first with money, SPOTIFY accpted it as a payment option.

Good for you! I still can do that in SIngapore

Wat ik niet begrijp is, je biedt een abonnement met een studentenkorting aan studenten die spotify zijn al boven de 12 en wat ik althans nie begrijp is hoe kunnen zij aan een visakaart komen om een abonnement aan te schaffen ik heb geen visakaart en andere mogelijkheden zijn er niet tenzij Paypal maar daar werken ze ook via een visakaart. Best stom

dan kan je evengoed korting weg halen

Hey everyone, I can't get it to work using the CDC card directly on spotify for Switzerland. Has anyone figured out any further tips or tricks, did Paypal method work? My card was always set to international usage and still didn't work

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