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change payment information

Hello, I've tried to change my country settings, because I moved to austria, but every time I try to change the payment information things get mixed up. I would like to use my paypal account, because I don't have a credit card, but when I enter my bankaccount number and click on  "forward", nothing happens. And I cannot automatically choose my new bankaccount in Austria (eventhough I already added it in the paypalsettings), there only appears my old bankaccount in Germany .

Does anybody know, what to do? 

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Hey @frida4


Can you make sure your PayPal account is set to Austria? If so, follow these directions:


You'll have to click ‘’ for more options in order to change the country settings to enter the new payment method. 

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Hey Matt, thank you so much for answering.

Well, actually now I can choose a paypal account connected to my austrian bank account, but still every time I click on the button "I agree and forward" there is a message, telling me, "apperantly you are using a german creditcard. Your spotify account has to fit to the country of your method of payment. Change the country to Germany or use an other credit card" (I translated it, so maybe there are some mistakes...). Its telling me this eventhough I already changed the country to "Austria" and want to connect it to my austrian paypal-account... its like a vicious circle and I really don't get it.


Hey @frida4!

Thanks for getting back to us.

Just to check, are your Spotify country settings now correct too?

You can check these out again with the steps here:

If not, in this case we'd recommend reaching out to Support.
You can contact them one of the below ways:

1. Email -

2. Twitter -

3. Facebook -

They'll be able to manually look at things backstage 🙂


Hey there, no, it still doesn't work. But thank you very much! 

I will contact supports 🙂



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