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merge two accounts

merge two accounts

I have an old spotify account I used to use and a new spotify account that I'm using. I upgraded the old one to premium on accident while my new one is still free. Can I merge the accounts? Or will I have to go through my account to cancel the charge so I can put it on the correct account?
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In this case, you can merge both your accounts. To do it, you can follow the steps in this article. By doing that, you can keep the subscription on the old account and have all the music you saved in the new one in one place. You'll need to move all the content from the new account to the old one, since it's not possible to transfer the subscription.


Note: Keep in mind that your followers need to follow you back on the new account to see your activity.


Once you've done that, you can close the empty account; that way you can avoid any confusions in the future. To do it, you can follow the steps in this article. Keep in mind that if the account you want to close was created with Facebook, it wouldn't be possible to restore it.


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