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A question about statistics

A question about statistics

Looking through my 2019 wrapped, it got me thinking about the information that is presented to me. For example it told me that I had discovered 460 artists which I don’t think for one second is accurate. So was trying to think how they come to that figure.


One thing I can think of is that I will listen to discover weekly but maybe after 20 second will chose not like song so that the next songs plays etc. Does Spotify class those 20 second listening to an artist as listening to a new artist, and if so does that also count towards Genre listed to etc


In short does Spotify immediately add a track and its associated stats to MY stats or is there a small period of time before that track is included in my statistics (hopefully this makes sense)


If it is immediate then I call on a delay, 10/20 seconds maybe as we may not like that track and move one, us such if it was a new artist I haven’t discovered them, I skipped them

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Hi sjp1966, if you’ve listened to a track for 30 seconds or longer, it counts as a play; you can check this thread if you’re curious:


I believe that if you’ve listened to a track for at least 30 seconds, it will count that as listening to that artist and will be included in your statistics on Spotify Wrapped.


Feel free to submit an idea to Spotify here if you would like Spotify to change the way a "listen" is counted, or how it counts towards your statistics for Wrapped:

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