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Adding song to multiple playlists option lost

Adding song to multiple playlists option lost

I used to be able to add a single song to multiple playlists at once, it was a feature I loved. Today, it disappeared and I really want it back, I was only able to use this feature for about a week, I loved it so much. Is there a way to get that option back?
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If this is feedback on the iOS UI test Spotify performed over the last week or two, you can comment here.





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I’d also, like to know why Spotify decided to remove such a must need feature. Without it, it requires users to manually add a track to multiple playlists one at a time, which is obviously incredibly time wasting and annoying.


The ability to add a track to multiple playlists in one step is a basic feature of any music app or service like YouTube. Hundreds of users have been asking for this feature over the years, and the reply from Spotify reps is always the same… something along the lines of “your request will be taken into consideration” or “this is in the works”.


I’d love to hear from someone at Spotify, as to why such a must need feature is still not available. Just last month Spotify finally implemented it after years of requests, only to remove it again here recently. It makes zero sense. 

I agree. I was so sad when I tried to add a song to a few playlists and I couldnt. I'd gotten used to the feature. 😢

Weird. I still have this feature. Now my girlfriend does not and I proved it by her logging into her Spotify in my phone. When she wants to add a song to playlist they don’t show up to add them to it. 

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