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[Android Auto] Downloaded albums not available in offline mode

[Android Auto] Downloaded albums not available in offline mode






(OnePlus 5T)

Operating System

(Android 9 (OxygenOS 9.0.9),

Android Auto 4.7.593824)


My Question or Issue

When selecting an album in my library, nothing happens I just get a black screen. When trying to play an album using voice commands, the response is 'something went wrong'... As soon as I disable offline they become available again.

This issue is specific to Android Auto, as on my phone my albums are available in offline mode.


I already tried the default spotify solution: uninstall / clean reinstall of both spotify and AA. 

The issue remained, despite downloading 7,5GB again.

Updated spotify today (25-oct) to version 

The issue remains: albums unavailable in AA when in offline mode.

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I am having the same issue. Downloaded albums are available in Spotify but will not play in Android Auto. In offline mode in Android Auto, when I select an album it goes to the "play" screen with a pause button but no song comes up, nothing plays.


Downloaded playlists do seem to work.

Same issue here. i'm using a galaxy a70 with current spotify and android auto update. I click to play on album on android auto and i get the same screen with the pause button but no music. I tried uninstall/reinstall and nothing has changed. Playlists work no problem and browsing by artist is no problem. Only way to play the album I want is to physically start playing it on my phone and then android auto will play it.

Note: I use offline mode while in the car

Same issue, when in offline mode albums give an error and playlists work. This has been an issue for awhile. A few weeks ago I did a clean reinstall and it fixed the problem. However Spotify has done something stupid again and its doing the same thing.

I have the same problem, since a few weeks . Selecting and playing album via Android Auto worked fine till few days ago (june 2020). Now I can select and play from the playlist, podcast etc, but not from the albumlist. If I select an album from the list, which is visible, the screen in my car freezes on the last played number from a playlisy, no sound. I upgraded recentlu to android 10 en reinstalled spotify, but the problem is still there.
On the android auto help site are more people complaining about this: "When using Spotify through Android Auto I can't select an album. It won't start. The only stuff I can select to play is my playlists on Spotify. I can select an album from my phone and it'll start on android auto but If I decide to select another one through Spotify on android auto, it won't start."

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