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App crashes after tapping "Cancel" button in playlist search

App crashes after tapping "Cancel" button in playlist search




United States


iPhone 11

Operating System

iOS 16.2



I've noticed somewhat inconsistently but often that the app will crash whenever I attempt to search for a song within any of my playlists. I have updated the app to the latest version, deleted and reinstalled the app, as well as update my operating system to the latest version. I've attempted to reproduce the issue through various means. In general to reproduce:

  1. Open the Spotify app and begin playing any song. 
  2. Try searching a song within a playlist, then tap "Cancel".
    1. I have also tried typing in a full song title versus a search with no results then hitting "Cancel", manually clearing the search bar instead of hitting "X" then "Cancel", hitting "X" then "Cancel", etc. All have caused the app to crash.

Crashes happen somewhat inconsistently when searching, however happens occasionally enough where I would consider it a bug. The only consistent thing I have noticed is that a song must be playing in the background in order to try and reproduce the crash.


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Hey @Juvan,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community.


We've tried reproducing this behavior with the steps that you've mentioned on an iOS device but the app does not behave the same way.


We'd like you to test this with a different another account. If a family member has a Spotify account, it could be a good idea to ask them to log in on your device to see if they'll experience the same. 


In case the issue persists on their account as well, it'd be great if you could share your Spotify version and if this happens on 5G, Wi-Fi or both? 

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