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Artist and album library

Artist and album library


I come from apple music and i’m a little bit confuse about the artis and album option in the library.


If I enter to one of my favorites artist i see the same as if I search it, i mean, i see top songs, albums etc but i can’t find my favourite songs. Well in a few artist yes, but is not usual. 

I tried to understand how spotify works with this without success...


In apple music, when i click on a song that i like automatically this song appears in the artist and the album section. I would like to do the same.


This occurs in the mac, windows app and also with ios devices. 

Can anyone show me the light?

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In Spotify all your liked tracks can only be found in "Liked Songs" section of "Your Library".
As for the artists' profiles - you can find there 10 most played tracks at the moment regardless of your attitude to them.

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