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Auto queue podcasts

Auto queue podcasts



I'm curious as to why the podcasts experience is so basic on Spotify?


One of the main functions of even free players is the ability to auto queue and sort new episodes.


I follow 15 podcasts and want them to auto add new episodes to a queue, I dont want to go searching through every morning before my drive to work to see what's been released. I also want to choose whether they are added to the top or bottom of the queue. Pocketcasts offers a whole bunch of awesome functionality for $1 per month, while Spotify is unable to offer similar functions it will always be a comparatively second rate experience.


Spotify is also in a unique position where you could also have an option autoqueue new releases from artists you follow. So you may finish a podcast and then listen to an album that's just been released.


This functionality should be mirrored across devices


As I say, much of this functionality is standard on cheap or even free apps, it seems odd to me that a premium service doesn't offer this already.

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Hi there @MeetJamesAllen,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


In the mobile app, in Your Library, you can find a playlist called New Episodes, in which are chronologically added all newly released episodes by the podcasts you follow, so you can easily find them all in one place instead of searching each individual podcast. This playlist can't be sorted, though, but you can manually add the episodes to the Queue in the order your prefer. After you finish an episode from this playlist, it'll be automatically removed.


Even though this feature is only available in the mobile app at the moment, there's this Live Idea about adding it to desktop too. If this is something you're interested in, make sure to add your +Vote to it.


Regarding music, there's also a section in the Home screen in the mobile app called What's New, which you can access by tapping on the bell icon in the upper right corner, where you'll find all the newest releases by the artists you follow.


Remember that you can make the Queue how you prefer, so if you want to listen to a newly released album after a podcast, you just need to add them to the Queue and organize them as desired.


Hope this helps. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.



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This feels like it's halfway to being a good solution. I think the fundamental problem with Spotify music and podcasts is that they are two different audio experiences that many people prefer to engage with separately. I wish the app could be partitioned into a podcast experience and a music experience where the two never crossover. I don't want a queue that mixes music and podcasts.


I'm sad to see podcasts going to Spotify exclusive because the player is a bummer.

I agree with this -I love Spotify but have this same thought daily as an avid listener of both music and podcasts.  Thanks for considering this enhancement Spotify and keep up the great work. 

The New episodes page works fine, but it should have a ‘Add to queue’ button for each episode! On iOS, at least, you must click the episode and only then add it to queue.

I’m frustrated by the new podcast updates. Now they are sorted under the “what’s new” feature, but 1) you still have to scroll and manually add them to a queue and 2) there is no way to sort on “unplayed” that I’ve found. Posting this here in case Spotify is looking for feedback and ways to improve the podcast experience. The recent updates they’ve made to this area have not been my favorite!

This is pretty much the reason why myself and quite a few friends won’t use Spotify for podcasts. 

I don’t want to have to spend an extra 10 minutes faffing before commuting. I just want to play unplayed podcasts episodes oldest to newest. Maybe if I’m in a particular mood then I might want oldest to newest unplayed episodes of comedy podcasts or sport podcasts etc. I’ll stick with Overcast or Pocketcast for now until Spotify realise that marketing can only do so much

I have a single podcast that keeps getting all episodes automatically added to my queue. I remove them from my queue and they come right back. They are all played and there is only one podcast that is doing this. How do I permanently stop them from doing this?

The podcast support is surprisingly weak. So much futzing around to make sure I don't miss new episodes. Odd that the free Google Podcast was so much better than an app I pay for.

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