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Bulk playlist management impossible

Bulk playlist management impossible

My Question or Issue

I have created well over 300 playlists on Spotify over the years, I have been a subscriber for an extremely long time (393 in profile but probably around 40 are ones I follow), but the client and API limitations are simply ridiculous. There is no way I have found whatsoever to bulk manage playlists and folders. Moving everything one by one is simply impossible, and the API doesn't return folder info from what I have seen in the docs. This should be the simplest feature in the world to have, and considering I already pay for apple music to get foreign songs that aren't available on Spotify for licensing reasons, I would like to know if there is a solution or plans to implement a solution to my issue soon, otherwise I will be migrating my playlists there and cancelling my subscription. 


There is no reason that organization should be so difficult. I believe I managed to select multiple on the webapp to move, which is how I achieved some level of organization, but the rendering breaks constantly with a list as long as mine (does this in desktop app too) and it still took nearly two hours to sort only about 1/5 of my playlists. Furthermore, Spotify has actively taken down and sent complaints, and even changed their api to eliminate 3rd party solutions to their god awful desktop client (see xpomusic). After searching the plugins and webapps on the developer site, and forum posts and finding no solutions to my issue, I was going to write a solution myself, only to find the API couldn't manage my playlists and folders, what a joke.


I would like to know even one reason why I should continue my subscription after the features and client becoming worse over my years of subscription.







Desktop/Laptop Client

Operating System


2 Replies

I would like to add that the same interface issues happen WITHIN a single playlist that has 500+ songs in it.


Grabbing multiple songs and trying to move their order around, simply does not work. You can't even try do this on the mobile app and the desktop client is even worse.


Spotify has got to redesign playlist management AND song management.

how about tools within Spotify for playlist managers to manage, organize, and promote playlists and not reply on 3rd party tools ?

Seriously, what are their programmers working on?

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