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Can no longer remove or hide songs from Discover Weekly

Can no longer remove or hide songs from Discover Weekly







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I can no longer remove or hide songs in my Discover Weekly. This is a pretty serious irritation, particularly since Spotify has decided that I like bad anime music and the fallout is threefold:


1. Loss of control over a given playlist so I can't just listen to the stuff I like.
2. Loss of control in how Spotify decides to recommend me music.
3. #1 ends up reinforcing #2.


How am I supposed to listen to the Discover Weekly playlist now? Stopping what I'm doing to skip a song? Miss it and have Spotify decide that because Goku's dubbed voice sampled over and over again in a terrible Otacore song was repeated 20x that I want to listen to shitty anime music? No, my Discover Weekly looped 20 times and I didn't want to break my workflow to alt-tab and change a song that should never have appeared in the first place. I want the ability to explicitly remove a song and Signal to Spotify that I don't want to hear things like that ever again.

Your UX is steadily on the decline and with choices like this, mirroring Youtube of all things, I'm going to stop using your service.

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Hi there @amidatelion,


Is the Hide song button missing on your end across all platforms or only on desktop / the Web Player? If so, try using the mobile app instead - you should find the Hide song button in the Now Playing View (for your Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly and Release Radar) or in the three dots menu of a song (for all other playlists/albums). 


As for the recommendations you get from Spotify, a way to improve them would be right-clicking on a playlist from a particular genre you don't want to see in your Discover Weekly and selecting Exclude from your taste profile - this will prevent the app from suggesting similar content in the future. A Not Interested button was also recently introduced to the mobile app, so I'd recommend using it as well. You can find more info on both features below:

The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.

Take care!

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Ok, the location of the Hide song button is good info, thanks. But, like, it has to be clear this is bad UX, right? I need more clicks to achieve the same thing and the icon for "hidden" is still in the same place - its simply not clickable anymore. Why are features being removed?  


Why do I need to find a playlist of a genre I don't want anything to do with to exclude from my taste profile, when its rather more natural to do this from a song that I'm immediately going to react to when its fed to me against parameters?  


This isn't Youtube where brands are directly interactable and people that aren't paying for your service are always going to hear ads at set intervals. You literally already have a captive ecosystem. There is zero reason to disallow ease of tuning and rejection of specific content.  

I'm not installing your ridiculous app. Crippling the functionality of the web player doesn't make me want to use your service. If I don't like your recommendations, I should be able to easily dislike them.

Chiming in to agree that this is garbage UI and functionality.

Has no one at Spotify had the mind-blowing realization that if I don't like a specific song that doesn't mean I dislike the entire genre the song belongs to?

I have been actively looking for a Spotify replacement for months as you guys remove more and more of my control over what I want to see and hear.

Actually amazed that this is still not fixed. I want to remove a song from a playlist. I understand this playlist is auto-generated according to the "taste profile", but for my intents and purposes it's still "a playlist". I should be able to delete stuff from it. This functionality was there, I remember using it. 

- Why was it removed, when you get clear feedback it was needed?
- When will it be added back? 

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