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Can't change playlist cover

Can't change playlist cover






Acer Chromebook

Operating System

Google Chrome OS Version 78.0.3904.106 (Official Build) (32-bit)


My Question or Issue

I have the desktop app (not the one from the Play Store, the one the Spotify site offers me), but I still can't add custom playlist covers. My images are JPEG, like the help page suggests, which SHOULD work, but the app won't even let me try. When I click on the four-album default cover, I get "Start radio", "Make secret", "Delete", and "Copy playlist link", not the "Edit" button that the help page tells me I should be getting. I'm very frustrated by this. It didn't work on the Play Store version of the app either, which I have been told is normal, but I KNOW this is the desktop app and it's still not working.

Do I secretly have some wacky Chrome extension instead of the true desktop app?

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Hi there @clara262,

thanks for posting !


Free users can change the picture presented as a playlist cover using the Spotify Desktop app.


If you're currently using the Spotify web player it might explain the issue you're experiencing.


Could you clear this out for me ?

Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

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